3 Factors to Consider When Picking Aluminium Slat Fencing

Posted on: 20 December 2021


Your fencing choice can seriously boost your home's kerb appeal while providing much-needed privacy and security. Aluminium slat fencing is increasingly becoming a favourite material thanks to the stylish, sleek and almost no-maintenance look it provides without hurting the pocket. With neat lines and customisation options that compliment your home or business, slat fencing is functional and aesthetically appealing, allowing airflow along with unmatched durability in harsh climates. If you are looking into aluminium slat fencing around your home or business, here are three factors to help with your decision.

Slat Options 

Aluminium slats offer the ideal design for modern and contemporary buildings with horizontal and vertical slat options. Both provide a unique look, with each offering its own benefits. Horizontal slat fencing is the most popular choice, thanks to its versatility and easy installation. This form of structure will guarantee you privacy, with a space between each slat for semi-permeable views. Vertical slats, on the other hand, offer maximum sturdiness since they will not sag due to gravity and work well with uneven ground or sharp slopes. Their vertical alignment will shield the view from what lies beyond your fence and are particularly effective boundary fences. 

Quality of Slats 

Alongside aesthetics and structure, you want an installation that will offer your property unsurpassed results. To achieve a durable, secure fence, your slat system mustn't warp, splinter, twist, shrink or crack over time. That said, you will come across low-grade slats on the market, and you need to pay careful attention to the fit and finish to guarantee a quality product. Consider purchasing the fence in person to see and verify quality before ordering a complete slat system. Check for a tough texture coating and ensure sturdy slats for superior quality. 

Superior Installation 

Purchasing the best slat system is not enough. Your fence is only as good as the installer, and you must ensure only an experienced installer does the job. Attractive modern fences require more expertise than you may think, and a masterful installation makes beautiful and functional fences. The last thing you want is an expensive fence with construction errors or mistakes that can lead to premature damage. By hiring a trusted installer, you guarantee minimal short-term or long-term errors and a professional who will maintain your fence down the line should you require their services.

Are you thinking about installing slat fencing today? Consult a fence contractor on your options with aluminium slat fencing