Essential Considerations Before Installing Aluminum Slat Fencing

Posted on: 30 July 2021


Walk around most suburb neighbourhoods, and you will be surprised at the number of homeowners using aluminium slat fencing. It has become a popular option due to its stylish street appeal, durability, ease of maintenance and unrivalled privacy. However, do not look at your neighbour's aluminium slat fencing and tell your contractor that you need the same design. Aluminium slat fencing should match your needs, meaning that you should make specific considerations.

Spacing Between Slats 

When choosing aluminium slat fencing, keep in mind the spacing between the slats. The reason is that most local ordinances dictate space requirements that homeowners must observe. However, most homeowners argue that they can choose whatever slat fencing design they want for their private property. While it is true, slat space regulations often target the front slat fencing and are governed by visual permissibility requirements. Failure to abide by set regulations often leads to heft fines and rework. Notably, aluminium slat fencing spacing requirements vary between different jurisdictions. Thus, it is imperative to check what is allowed for your property.

Slat Quality 

Aluminium slat fencing comes in a variety of qualities. Some products have thin slats that sag over time, while others are strong and can last a lifetime. For instance, you cannot use aluminium slats designed for pools to fence your property's perimeter. Most importantly, it is crucial to select strong slats for your fencing. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to ascertain the quality of aluminium slats when ordering online, and the only information you can rely on is a manufacturer's specifications. Even if a manufacturer is honest about the strength of their aluminium fence slats, you could still end up buying the wrong pieces if uninformed. Fencing contractors recommend that homeowners see and feel aluminium slats to verify the quality before purchasing. Physical examination ensures that you choose the right material for your property and get value for money.

Contractor's Workmanship 

The effectiveness of aluminium slat fencing is only as good as an installer's artistry. For instance, aluminium slats tend to sag over time if fence posts are installed far apart. It is because the posts or midrails support the slats in their horizontal orientation. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you work with an experienced fence contractor because they understand homeowners' unique needs regarding installation. Moreover, an experienced fence contractor can customise your aluminium slat fence to match your property's aesthetics. For instance, a contractor can build you an aluminium slat fence that fits snug against any existing hardscape, such as walls and trees.