Reasons to Install Glass Fencing Around Your Pool

Posted on: 19 February 2021


If you're trying to decide what kind of fencing to install around your pool, why not consider glass? To discover reasons to go with this option, read on.


The main function of pool fencing is to create a safe barrier that keeps little children away from the pool area. To do this, you need a non-climbable fence with a tricky gate. Glass fences offers both of these. The panels form continuous barriers that don't have any gaps through which children can squeeze. And the smooth glass doesn't offer footholds for them to climb on.

Your installers will follow all the safety regulations — the fence will have to be of a specific height. Plus, it will require a self-latching gate, with the latch set high and on the pool side of the gate. The specifics depend on your local regulations. Make sure not to leave obstacles near the fence that children can climb onto, like rubbish bins and other such objects.

Open Viewpoint

While forming a secure barrier, glass fences maintain an open aspect, so the pool deck feels spacious and not closed-in. Lounging poolside, you'll be able to enjoy a luscious green garden in the rest of your backyard, for instance. The entire yard will feel larger, as it won't be divided into two by an intrusive fence. The visibility offered by these barriers is crucial to safety also, as you'll be able to watch children playing in the pool from other areas of your yard or even from your home's windows.


Frameless pool fences use toughened safety glass. The panels are about four times stronger than regular glass, so the fence is unlikely to break. In any case, if a panel breaks, it crumbles into smooth cubes rather than pointy glass pieces, which reduces the likelihood of dangerous injuries.

Toned Glass

If you want to add a hint of colour to the glass, you could install toned panels in bronze, grey, blue or green, for example. Depending on the tint colour and amount, these panels block some radiant heat. To get inspiration when picking a tone, pull out a colour from the paving, your home's architecture, foliage and plants or even the pool water. That way, you'll integrate the pool fencing into the landscape and create a cohesive feel.

Thus, glass pool fencing forms safe barriers while not blocking the view. As a result, your backyard will feel open, and you'll be able to keep watch on the pool area. Glass forms resilient barriers, and you can add a decorative touch with tinted panels.

Reach out to a local fence contractor to learn more about glass pool fencing.