Three Tips for the Proper Maintenance of Your Automatic Gate

Posted on: 27 September 2019


Automatic gates are currently a hit in building and construction. When you invest in an automatic gate, you get an access control system that you can control from the comfort of your car or inside the house. However, to enjoy the complete convenience that comes with the gate, including getting in and out of your premises without leaving your vehicle, you need to think about proper installation and maintenance. Here are three tips which will help you keep your gate in perfect working condition at all times.

Keeping the Area Around the Gate Clean

One of the basic maintenance tips you should think about in connection to your gate is making sure that the area around it is always clean. If there is landscaping around the gate, leaves, dried-up plants and other debris will collect around it. It limits the mobility of the gate when it happens. Always check the gate track to make sure that it is free of debris, which will help keep the gate moving at all times.

Checking the Condition of the Hinges

Regular gate inspection is one of the best ways to ensure all parts of your gate are functioning as they should. You should check your gate's hinges every week to make sure they aren't broken or spoilt. You also need to check sliding gates every few days to ensure that they do not go off their sliding tracks. If the gate is light and it has slid off its tracks, you can replace it. However, if a heavier gate slides off its tracks, it is advisable to get an expert to help you place it back.

Checking the Circuit Board

The automatic gate has the physical part, which is the moving gate, and the electronic components, which include sensors, a circuit board and remote control. It is advisable to regularly check the circuit board and ensure all components are working. Note that pests are your worst enemy when it comes to maintenance of the circuit board. If the circuit board stops working as a result of a power blackout, release the motor using the manual release key before pushing open the gate.

These are the few rules to follow when dealing with automatic gates. It is always advisable to involve experts in the installation, maintenance and replacement of automatic gate parts. Experts will ensure all parts are correctly installed and prevent any damages before they occur.