How To Install A Chain Mesh Fence

Posted on: 19 February 2019


Chain mesh fencing is made out of metal wires that weave into one another in a particular way, to form a diamond shape, zig-zag pattern. Mesh fences are used to isolate different spaces, such as gardens, farms, lands, playing courts, wildlife highway fencing and also for erosion control. Other than fences, the wire used to build them, is used for the body of gates.

What Are Chain Mesh Fences Made Out Of?

This type of fence is made out of metal that is usually aluminium, wrought iron, chicken wire or barbed wire. These metals are often galvanised so that there is little to no corrosion happening. This galvanised coating is often made out of zinc. Other than the metallic body, fences also have a frame which can be made of either metal or wood. The most frequently used wood for framing fences is cedar or pressure-treated pine wood.

Installing A Chain Mesh Fence

Installing a chain mesh face is not very complicated, but before going about it, you need to make sure that you won't run into unexpected problems. When you install the fence, you are going to be digging into the ground and before doing that you need to check a few things first. One of those things is the boundaries. You have to be sure that the fence is within your property and does not violate that of the state or another person.

After checking the boundaries, you need to make sure that you are not digging where water, gas or electrical services go through. Check with the local authorities before digging so that you do not damage any of the lines. Other than this security issue, you need to check with the authorities about the requirements they have for building fences. You have to make sure that everything is according to the local regulations. After you make sure that everything is in place you can continue with the installation. There are several tools that you need such as tape measures, string lines, hammers, a spirit level, a crowbar, a shovel, pliers, wire cutters, etc.

Firstly, you will need to prepare the site by marking out where everything is going to go. Secondly, you have to install end, corner and gate posts by digging the holes, putting the posts inside and pouring concrete into them. You need to ensure that the posts are vertical. The same way you installed the main posts, you will have to install the intermediate posts. Attach stays for cable fencing, attach the top and bottom rails, roll out the chain wire and finally install the mesh fence. Do any necessary fixes such as cutting unnecessary wire ends.

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