Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Home Fencing Material and Style

Posted on: 2 January 2018


Choosing a residential fence's material and style can be very difficult, as a fence does more than just mark off boundaries between properties. A good fence will provide security and privacy, and even add style to your property, rather than just being functional. Also, while all fences will require maintenance over the years, some materials and styles will be more durable than others. To ensure you choose a fence that works well for your property and that won't need more repairs than expected, note a few mistakes to avoid when making your decision.

Overlooking weather and climate

Consider the climate and typical weather patterns in your area when choosing your fence. If your area is prone to strong windstorms, a solid panel fence may be more likely to topple, whereas a chain link or mesh fence will let those winds pass through, without falling.

Lots of hot, direct sunlight can cause the paint on a wood fence to fade, and the fence itself to dry out and start to cup and bow. A metal fence can hold heat from that sunlight and be dangerous to the touch. Always consider weather and climate in your area when choosing a fence style and material, so you know your fence will be durable, given the conditions to which it's exposed.

Not breaking up panel fences

A solid panel fence made of wood or vinyl can look very imposing in a long, large yard, and also make a smaller yard look boxy and enclosed. A good way to avoid this is to break up those solid panels with other materials and styles. For example, you might install thick horizontal wood posts in place of an occasional panel, or opt for stone columns between the panels for a change in its appearance.

Clashing with the home's exterior

Your property's fence should work well with the home's exterior style and material, so everything on your property coordinates. A stone fence might clash with a brick home, whereas a natural material like bamboo might not work well next to a modern home with lots of metal and glass. A chain link fence might seem very industrial outside a cottage-style home, and a tall metal fence with finials at the top of the bars may seem too imposing next to a smaller ranch-style home. Consider your home's exterior when choosing a fence style and material, and this will ensure your property looks pulled-together and as attractive as possible. For more information, contact a local fencing contractor.