Some Unique Ideas to Consider When Choosing a Home Fence

Posted on: 16 February 2017


When choosing a fence for your home, you don't need to opt for just a standard hurricane or chain link design. These are very affordable and easy to install, but they can also be a bit dull. Note some very unique ideas to keep in mind when choosing a home fence, so your outdoor area is always welcoming and inviting and a great reflection of your own personality, and then discuss these with a fencing contractor as needed.

1. Unfinished, rugged wood posts

A wood fence made with slats can be very traditional but also a bit dull. For a more rustic look, opt for unfinished wood of varying heights and widths, rather than slats that have all been cut to the same size and finished with the same paint or stain. The varying height of different posts and slats can keep the fence from looking too "cookie cutter," and an unfinished wood versus a coating of paint can make the space seem very rustic and rural.

Thick logs that are set horizontally can be another option that is very rustic and very different than most wood fences. This can create a uniform height for your wood fence, but leaving the logs unfinished and unpainted will create a country look around your property.

2. Metal cut-outs

One great advantage of metal is that you can have it cut in the middle of a panel to create any unique design for your fence. You might opt for a lace pattern, or have the shape and design of a tree cut into the middle of the fence. You can also have your last name initial, scrollwork or any other such design. Remember to choose something that still offers privacy where needed and to discuss your options with a metal worker before deciding on a design.

3. Recycled materials

If you're very eco-conscious, consider recycled materials for your home fence. Old doors can be painted and coated to withstand moisture and placed side by side for a very eclectic, unique fence. Glass can be recycled to form glass panels for a fence; you can even add glass panels to sections of a wood fence to break up the look and keep the space from seeming too closed-in. Glass can be recycled and then stained and formed into sections or panels for a very colourful fence. Salvaged railroad ties can be connected with wiring or recycled wood slats for something rustic but very sturdy.