Unique Design Ideas For Your Home's Fence

Posted on: 29 September 2016


When you need to put up a fence around your property, you may not want to settle for a standard hurricane or chain link fence. These fences are very sturdy and very functional, but aren't always considered the most attractive. If you want a unique design idea for your home's fence, note a few suggestions to discuss with a fencing contractor.

Frosted glass panels

Frosted glass panels can be set between metal posts, and these offer privacy from neighbors while still allowing in light. The frosted panels can also reflect the glow of an outdoor fire pit or fireplace at night, and frosted glass makes for a neutral background for your colorful landscaping features.

 Horizontal wood planks

Most wood fences are constructed with vertical planks, but setting planks horizontally can make a small yard space look wider. Try using planks of varying height and width to add a unique look to the fence, and use another material such as concrete or metal for the posts to tone down the look of the wood itself. Leave some space between the planks for added light and air circulation and to keep your yard from looking too claustrophobic and closed-in.

Wood panels

Solid wood panels can add more weight to your fence and give you more privacy than planks, and they also allow you to create a design that works specifically for your space. For example, you might opt for very large wood panels with some type of carving, perhaps your family's initial or just a fun shape like stars or a riding horse. Narrower panels allow you to easily stagger them along a sloped or hilly yard. You might also create wood panels of various heights to give your fence a more natural, uneven look.

Bamboo rolls

Bamboo is a very soft, natural wood that can give your home an Asian-inspired look or serve as a nice backdrop for your garden; bamboo is also easy to replenish and grows very quickly, so it's an eco-friendly choice for a wood fence. Bamboo shoots are often sold in rolls and you simply spread these out and attach a section to a post, as you would a chain link fence. This makes for a very easy fence installation that most homeowners can manage on their own.

Metal panels

Metal panels can be a very versatile fence option as metal can be powder-coated just about any color; it can also be stamped in a variety of designs and fabricated into any shape. Opt for square panels for a modern look to your home, or short panels when you want some privacy from neighbors without closing in your yard completely.