How to Dress Up a Cyclone Fence at Home

Posted on: 22 June 2016


A cyclone or chain link fence can be a good choice for any residential home; it's very affordable, somewhat easy to install, and can last for many years. Cyclone fencing also doesn't block any light or air circulation, making your yard seem open and spacious. However, their one drawback is that it can look a bit dull and drab. But you don't need to overspend on a fancier fence if you want something attractive for your property; note how to dress up a cyclone fence at home for a look you'll love.

Vines and climbing plants

Using vines and climbing plants can mean virtually hiding your fence while offering your home an attractive look.  Many vines have flowering plants that can add some pops of color to your property as well. Be sure you choose a vine or climbing plant that will thrive in your climate; a trumpet vine or clematis does well in bright sunlight, whereas morning glory vines may wither under too much sun. You also want to avoid anything with heavy flowers that might weigh down the chain link, such as wisteria. Golden hops grow very quickly, so they're a good solution when you want to cover your fence quickly without waiting for plants to grow.

Flower boxes and buckets

If you don't want vines or climbing plants right on your fence, opt for flower boxes or buckets. Many of these come with hooks in the back that you can hook right over the top rail of your fence. Buckets may have wires that you twist around the chain links to hold them in place, and these can cover more of the fence than boxes on the top rail. Be sure you opt for something very light so you don't put too much weight on the chain and pull it away from the posts or top rail.

Christmas lights

You don't need to wait until the holidays to use Christmas lights on your property; string these along your fence and ensure the bulbs are facing inward so they don't shine on your neighbor's yard. You can use small white lights if you don't want to create a holiday mood with red and green lights.

Outdoor artwork

Outdoor artwork can be hung along your cyclone fence if it's light enough that it won't bend the chain itself. You might create your own pieces with wood that you seal after painting, or look for stained glass artwork that is safe to use outside. You can even hang a collection of kites along the fence for a fun and colorful choice!

For more options and information, talk with a contractor that specializes in cyclone fencing in your area.