Do-It-Yourself Steel Chain Wire Fencing: Important Materials that First Time Users Need to Know About

Posted on: 13 June 2016


Chain wire fencing is a good option when you want to secure garden boundaries, restrict the movement of domestic animals or demarcate playing fields. Even though manufacturers may use different materials, steel chain wire fences stand out among the many options. Steel is sturdy, meaning that you will have a strong fence that cannot be cut or brought down easily. Notably, setting up a chain wire fence is a manageable task that you can handle with the help of a few other people. If you are looking to put one up for the first time, the following are some of the essential materials that you will need:

Woven Fence Mesh

The fence mesh refers to the actual woven mesh of steel wires. In most cases, the fence mesh is sold in rolls depending on the size of the area that you want to fence. To add on that, the steel comes in a variety of gauges or density. Some steel mesh fences are sturdier than others are, and your choice will depend on the level of security that you want. Low gauge steel is thicker, heavier and more difficult for trespassers to manipulate, unlike high-gauge steel.

Premixed Concrete

Premixed concrete is needed when setting up the fencing posts. After digging the holes for the posts, align them appropriately and lay the concrete around the posts in the hole. When it cures, the concrete will hold the posts firmly in the ground. The concrete mixture is used to support both terminal and line posts. Terminal posts are often made from steel and they are put on the corners of the fence. They ensure maximum sturdiness when contouring the fence around obstructions. On the other hand, line posts are placed at regular intervals over the cross section of the mesh fence. For the line posts, you can choose a range of materials such as wood or concrete.

Tie Wires

You need the tie wires to secure a firm connection between the fence mesh, terminal posts and line posts. When setting up the fence, you should make the tie wire connections at close intervals to keep the fence from pulling away from the posts quite easily.

Fence Inserts (Slats)

In places where you would like to maximise privacy and reduce glare, you can use fence inserts. These objects are designed to clip into or fit on the steel chain mesh fence and block the view from outside the fence. Moreover, you can use them for other purposes such as displaying warnings, business adverts or logos.