Important Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Pool Fence

Posted on: 31 May 2016


Most areas legally require a homeowner to have a fence around their pool, and no matter the requirements, you want to ensure that your pool is safely enclosed so that no children or animals should accidentally fall in. Choosing a pool fence isn't always as easy as you might assume, as you need something that will be safe as well as able to avoid damage due to pool water and chemicals, and that will also look good. Note a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a pool fence.

1. Start with regulations

Are there local regulations that stipulate the size and type of pool fence you're required to have? This might mean certain spacing between bars of a vinyl or wrought iron fence, or the height of a fence. Be sure you've taken these into account before you even start shopping.

2. Durability

Vinyl fences are very durable when exposed to water and pool chemicals, as is the treated glass used for glass pool fences. Aluminum doesn't rust or corrode so it's a good choice if you want a metal fence. Wood can be very attractive but keep in mind that it will absorb moisture and get damaged by pool chemicals, so you need to consider the constant upkeep and maintenance of repainting and sealing a wooden pool fencing.

3. Security

Do you need to keep your fence secure from unwanted guests? A small vinyl fence and a chain link fence are both easy to climb so they may not provide much security. A glass or wood fence without toeholds that a person can use to climb it is a better option, and these can also include locked gates. Without bars or slats, a person cannot slide their hands through the gate and unlock it to enter. Choose a solid material rather than bars or slats when you need that added security.

4. Visibility

Your pool fence might go all the way around the house but some surround just the pool itself; do you need to keep an eye on children when they're in the pool and you're in the house? If so, you want a fence you can easily see through, such as glass or a shorter vinyl fence. Even a taller wrought iron fence with bars might block off your visibility, so opt for glass or something shorter that doesn't block your view of the entire pool area when you're inside.