Ways to Incorporate Some Creativity to Your Backyard Fencing

Posted on: 9 May 2016


For some homeowners, backyard fencing does not function only as their primary privacy fencing. Since many people tend to host in their backyard, it is also a part of your exterior decor if you have created a living space at this area. However, you will find that most fences tend to be drab and utilitarian rather than a design element. Since fencing tends to be one of the prominent features of your backyard, it would not hurt to try to spruce it up so that it enhances the overall aesthetics of the space. Here are some of the ways that you can incorporate some creativity to your backyard fencing.

Opt for a feature wall

One of the reasons backyard fencing may appear bland is because it is one large uniform fence. This makes it appear monotonous, especially if you are using the space for hosting guests. The same way you would like to decorate the walls in your home with paint and accessories to eliminate the monotony, you should also consider making your outdoor fencing less bland. A great way to do this would be to create a feature wall on the fencing. This part of the fencing may be painted a bold colour or even a mural. This feature wall not only softens the overall appearance of your fence, but it also makes your backyard more attractive.

Use different fencing materials

Typically when erecting a fence, homeowners will stick to one material so that the fence looks uniform. Although this is fine for the front of the house, the backyard gives you the chance to mix and match materials to create a unique effect. For instance, if you have steel fencing installed, you could opt to plant natural fencing on one section of the fence. Bamboo shoots are great for this as not only will they make your fencing appear more natural, but they also still offer some form of privacy.

Get rid of solid fencing

Homeowners will gravitate toward solid fencing options as these provide you with the utmost privacy. However, what this type of fencing does is make your outdoor space appear boxed in. In addition to this, solid panels of fencing will not let natural light in and your backyard may always seem perpetually dark. If you are looking to make the most of natural light without compromising on the privacy of this space, choose slatted fencing. Materials you can use for this include timber, PVC and even vinyl. The slats enable you to maximize on natural lighting streaming into your yard without having to worry about passersby seeing right into your property.