Home Repair Skills to Know as a New Homeowner

Posted on: 9 May 2016


If you recently purchased a home, it might currently be in good condition, but regular maintenance and repairs over time are typical. You might not want to call in a professional for every minor thing, so it is a good idea to learn some simple repair skills. Here are some repairs to know how to do when you own your home.

Basic Plumbing Repair Skills

While you shouldn't have to replace copper pipes in the walls or do any work on the sewer system, there are some basic plumbing repairs you should learn how to do. Clearing drains is one of them, as it often requires nothing more than a quality auger tool. This allows you to remove hair and debris caught in the sink or shower drain. It is also good to learn how to empty the trap underneath your sink, reset your garbage disposal when something gets lodged inside, and turn the water supply on and off.

Replace Your Current Lighting Fixtures

Electrical repair work is often done by experienced electricians due to the complexity and danger of certain electrical work. However, there are some minor electrical jobs you can do yourself. For example, if you already have a lighting fixture in your home, and simply want to replace it with a new one, you should be able to do it without too much trouble. The wiring is already done, so all you do is remove the current fixture, disconnect the wiring, then reconnect the wiring of the new fixture and mount it to the ceiling.

Repair Drywall Holes

You are bound to end up with some unwanted holes in your walls, which will need to be filled. This may be from someone accidentally hitting the wall when moving furniture into the living room, holes from hanging pictures that have since been moved, or accidentally pushing the door open too far and having the doorknob make a little crease in the wall. In all cases, you will need to learn how to use putty compound to fill these holes.

Replace Carpeting and Tile Flooring

While this is something you can hire a professional to take care of, it is a good idea to learn the basics of installing new flooring. Learn how to lay out and cut carpet padding and new carpet, as well as how to nail it down properly. You should also learn how to remove individual hardwood flooring planks or tiles in case you only want to replace some damaged ones, instead of having an entirely new floor installed.

Maintain Fences and Gates

It is also a good idea to maintain outdoor structures and keep them in good condition, such as your fence or gate. It might seem like this isn't a big repair issue, but consider how much it would cost if you had a wood fence that got rot or water damage, or a metal automatic gate that was bent and needed repairs. The best thing you can do is keep up with regular maintenance, then make minor repairs before the issues become major.

These basic home repair skills will help you to address minor issues that tend to come up. They also prevent you from having to call a professional every time you have a sink clog or small hole in the wall.