Fencing Contractors | 3 Elements To Consider When Installing Glass Pool Fences

Posted on: 8 April 2016


Adding glass pool fences brings aesthetic prowess and functional appeal to your home's exterior, especially when you have small kids and want to protect them from accidentally falling into the pool when no one's around. This is vital when you consider the fact that nearly 271 drowning deaths among children were recorded in the Royal Life Saving Society's drowning report for 2014-2015. This guide is designed to equip you with smart considerations when planning glass pool fences with your fencing contractors.

Know Pool Fencing Regulations In Australia

The general rules regarding pool fencing is fairly standard Australia-wide, but each state may implement certain additional requirements. In general, your pool fences should be free of any holes, damage or gaps. The height should be a minimum of 1.2 metres. There should not be a gap of more than 10 cm between the ground and the base of the pool fence. Gaps between panels should not be more than 10 cm. The pool fencing gate should open outwards and away from the pool. The gate should close and latch itself for added protection. All climbable objects like plants, barbeque pits and trees should be 90 cm away from your glass pool fence, so kids can't climb over them. You will need to working with your fencing contractors to adhere to your local council rules to avoid any heavy penalties later.

Choose Between Transparent, Opaque Or Coloured Glass

The versatility of glass is unparalleled because you can choose between a myriad of options, whether you're looking for transparent, opaque or coloured glass. Many parents with young children prefer the idea of fully transparent glasses because it gives them an opportunity to keep an eye on the pool area to prevent accidental mishaps. Opaque is an excellent idea for homeowners seeking added privacy for the pool area. Coloured glass is a brilliant addition to modern homes because it infuses brightness and character to the overall décor.

Establish Fencing Shape Based On Your Personal Situation

If the purpose of your glass pool fence is to keep toddlers out of the pool, then you may want to consider more rounded shapes because children can get cut against sharp, square edges––especially if they are just learning to crawl or walk. If your glass pool fence is primarily for aesthetic value, then you could consider sleek, sharp edges, so long as it doesn't interfere with your safety around the pool. You should ideally consider your present and future personal conditions before installing glass pool fences in your home. For instance, a sharp glass pool fence may offer aesthetic value today, but may not be practical in a few years if you're planning to have kids.

Consider these valuable elements when planning glass fence installations with your fencing contractors.