Advice for getting a privacy screen for your small garden

Posted on: 5 November 2015


If you live in a house with a small garden, you might have found your options for landscaping to be limited. Another issue often associated with narrow outdoor spaces is that the neighbours are often very close to you, as the houses are tightly packed. A solution to both of these problems can be to work with different types of portable privacy screens.

Advantages of portable privacy screens

A clear advantage of a portable privacy screen compared to ordinary fixed privacy screens is that you can move them around to place them where they're needed at the time. If you want to catch as much sun as possible in the afternoon but want it to block the evening sun, you can just move the screen around. It's also convenient if you are only renting your house and can't leave any built in structures behind when you move. It's also an advantage if you want to remove it during certain seasons to protect it from harsh weather.

Bamboo as a lightweight material

A portable privacy screen can be made out of many different materials, but to make it easier to move, you can get one made out of a light-weight material. One material that's especially good for privacy screens is bamboo. It's very light, but still durable because of its flexibility. As a material, it's very tolerant to changes in the weather, and it's also very dense. The density is especially helpful when you need to use your privacy screen as protection against the wind as well.

Fixing your portable screen

If you find a position where you leave your security screen most of the time, it could be a good idea to mount it to the ground. This does not mean you need to purchase a new, more permanent screen. You can simply turn your portable screen into a permanent screen by fixing it to the ground. Dig it down in the ground and secure it with concrete or some other settling material. You could also secure it further by planting climbing plants that uses the screen as climbing material. Bamboo is an excellent material for plants to climb on. If you're choosing this material when turning your portable screen into a permanent screen, it also has the advantage of still looking natural and light, even if it's fixed to the ground. This is a major advantage for small gardens, as you don't want it to look more closed than it actually is. Choosing bamboo or some other natural, light material will still give your garden an open look that can even help with making it seem larger. 

For more information about options for your privacy screen, contact a local supplier or fencing contractor.